J.R. Lowe is a narrator of audio books.

J.R. and her wife live in the Smoky mountains outside Asheville, NC on a farm with a menagerie of animals. A couple of horses are always around; Honey B Chesnee a piebald pinto shetland, Donkey (DonQuixote) a mini spotted jack donkey, Argo J. Robinton a palomino quarter pony. She enjoys driving the ponies. They also have 4 hens that lay beautiful brown, green, blue eggs respectively. Fresh eggs are the best. And not the least, two lovable nuisance dogs, an ancient Corgi -ish by the name of Riley and Sir Granger Sassypantz a tri color Welsh Pembroke Corgie. J.R. Lowe has blue eyes and her hair color is subject to change without notice.

She writes Erotic Romance under the pen name Eden Glenn.

She would like you to “LIKE” her Facebook fan page at


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