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This page features books narrated by J.R. Lowe contracted under a Royalty Share agreement with the author and made available as audio books in mp3 format for your listening experience.

Emma’s New Year by Eden Glenn


The Amethyst Desire Collection, vol 5, Novellette F/F Contemporary Erotic Romance Emma Reed needs a change from her stale boring straight life. Her lesbian friend drags her to a gay New Year’s Eve dance. There she meets butchy El Westin, out of her league and out of her comfort zone. The unexpected kiss at midnight makes Emma’s outlook start to sparkle and get interesting again. Emma has a choice to make. Is this a night of possibilities influenced by the magic of a borrowed amethyst necklace or is it a resolution in the making? TBR July 10th to all fine ebook vendors AMAZON BARNES AND NOBLE ALL ROMANCE E BOOKS

Audio Book Narrated by J. R. Lowe: Audible; Amazon

The Galloping Ghoul of Hockomock Swamp by Eden Glenn

GallopingGhoul_Cover (541x800)

M/M Historic Erotic Romance Novellette The Galloping Ghoul rides each full moon, exacting revenge by frightening those who tormented his past. Ike Sandhill, a government surveyor goes to the extreme to prove to everyone how straight laced he is. Nathaniel Hawkins, an affluent entrepreneur sees beyond Ike’s façade and wants to protect him from the local thugs. Nathaniel doesn’t know how to confess his desire without driving Ike away. He comes up with a plan of seduction. Before the night is over Ike discovers things about himself he always knew, yet denied. (View Book Trailer ) Available From:   AMAZON KINDLE AND AUDIO BARNES AND NOBLE    ALL ROMANCE E BOOKS

Beverly’s Secret – by Eden Glenn


“Amethyst Desire Collection Vol 2″Novellette F/F Contemporary Erotic Romance Beverly Carter, clerk at Salynne’s Crystal’s and Thyme could have sworn she placed the amethyst necklace in the display cabinet. How did the gem end up in her pocket? She’d have to take it back to work in the morning and explain her mistake to the shop owner. Trying the necklace on for just a moment couldn’t hurt anything. When the clasp won’t release she has to call on her next-door neighbor, Makala Reynaud for help. A woman that Beverly is very attracted to but hasn’t had the courage to approach. She hasn’t figured out how to confess her interest without outing herself prematurely. Bev’s pretty sure the woman is a lesbian too. What if she was wrong? So Beverly’s been stuck, just as stuck as the damn necklace. Then, Makala’s red lips were just too tempting, too perfect, too close. Stealing a kiss could open a door to disaster instead of the closet on her sexual preference. Yet, the way Makala accepted the kiss and returned it with unabashed enthusiasm blew that door off its hinges.

They spent the night talking and exploring sex every way and everywhere possible in Makala’s small apartment. Beverly had to wonder if the rumors about the necklace were true. Was this some kind of spell that might only last the night?  Could this be the beginning of something magical? (View Book Trailer)

Available From:    AMAZON      BARNES AND NOBLE


Audio Book Version: Amazon or  Audible

Stalking Love – Written by Johnny Ray 


Buy Link: Amazon IBook (coming soon)

Blurb: Stalking Love is a 94,000-word romantic thriller set in St. Petersburg, Florida, during the current real estate crisis. With a serial killer targeting people involved in the real estate business, and a potential love of a lifetime in the works, it takes all of the strength and courage of a woman thought to have it all, but lacking everything that really matters to grow and develop into who she is destined to become.

As Rachel Contino, a proficient, 38-year-old realtor, attempts to avoid the real estate meltdown caused by her main client, developer Jonathan Harrell, who had died in an apparent suicide, new evidence surfaces that it wasn’t a suicide but murder. This is soon followed up by the murder of Jonathan’s partner. These murders inside a condo complex hosting her largest number of listings makes her sales all but disappear, forcing her into deeper financial problems. In addition to her financial situation, she is scared that the murderer may be targeting her next.

Meanwhile, Rachel, who has no time for a life outside of her profession, meets Carlos Martinis, a 23-year-old mortgage broker, and yields to the teasing of her friends in attempting to make this stud her boy toy.

A Taste For Werewolf BloodWritten by Vianka Van Bokkem 


Buy Link: Amazon IBooks (Coming Soon) Visit Vianka VanBokkem at her web

Blurb: When I was thirteen years old, a lethal plague spread among humans all over Bulgaria. They started dying at alarming numbers. Nerina, my older sister, was fifteen years old. We were not infected because we are vampires. Survivors took asylum in other countries, leaving my sister and me without humans to feed from.

One night we were hunting brown bears and came across a werewolf. He was eating a golden jackal. We tried to ignore him and continue our hunt, but he decided to be territorial and made defiant growls toward us. Nerina and I stopped walking and turned around to face him.

My sister accepted his challenge, and soon they were wrestling on the ground. I was getting ready to help her when she got a hold of his neck and started sucking his blood. She looked at me and made a sign with her hand to come closer. As soon as I was close enough to the werewolf, I sank my fangs into his thick neck and started feeding from him too. It was more delicious than human blood.

A taste for werewolf blood was triggered that night.

Chernobyl’s Vampires and WerewolvesWritten by Vianka VanBokkem


BUY LINK: Amazon IBooks (Coming Soon) Visit Vianka VanBokkem at her web and see a book trailer for this title

Blurb: Vampires and werewolves are not affected by radiation, therefore a British coven and a Russian clan live in Chernobyl. My sisters Kassia, Maddy and I belong to both. After the nuclear accident on April 26, 1986, our home remains one the most contaminated areas in the world.

The red forest located within the 10-kilometer (6.2-mile) area surrounding the nuclear power plant has been labeled a “Radiological Reserve” and is now home to animals like elk, wild boar, and lynx; that’s where we hunt most of the time.

My father was an attractive vampire with a taste for female werewolves. As a result my sisters and I are known as ‘hybrids,’ because we are half vampire, half werewolf. Dimitry Belenko was his name. We have different mothers.

©2013 Vianka Van Bokkem; (P)2013 Vianka Van Bokkem

Other Books Narrated by J.R. Lowe

on a flat rate PFH contract basis

Deadly Designs Vol 2 by Dale Mayer
Darkest Designs Vol 3 by Dale Mayer

Roman: Saints and Sinners by Nyla Rawlyns writing as Kennedy Streath

Flame by Viola Grace and Gabriella Bradley
The Samsara Chronicles Book 1 and Book 2 by Diana Kemp and Gabriella Bradley
The Dalton Brothers saga by Em Petrova

Cowboy  Crazy
Cowboy Bargain
Cowboy Crushin
Cowboy Secret
Cowboy Rush

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