Consistency is the Key (subtitle) Take 45

Well, I’ve made it through the open credits and all the way up through Chapter 3. This isn’t quite as easy as I thought it might be. LOL.

My original delusion was well, I have a pretty good voice, how hard can it be?

There in lies the key. HOW Frickin hard CAN it BE!  Well, pretty hard.

I’ve learned a whole lot about audio software. I have the elements locked in now. I’m going to go back and re do chapter one because it doesn’t sound the same as the following chapters.

Try it some time. Most of us have enjoyed reading a book out loud with our family. Sounds simple, right?

Now add performance anxiety….yes I went there. lol.

You have to read every word clear and clean. They don’t want the sssss that tag onto the words or the pops that pop with the p words. Pronounce names correction. Read slowly, pause before dialogue, made the characters sound different one from another. DID I SAY READ SLOWLY. LOL. The headphones and mic have to be positioned at the exact same place on your head each time you put them on or the volume levels are different. Did you know? The mic is so sensitive that it picks up the rustle of your clothes when you move your arm to pick up the tablet to read? Experiment with clothes to find the ones that don’t rustle when I move. OH DEAR!

I record. Stop, rewind record. OMG Did the cat just meow? Stop, Rewind Record. Dang it the dog shook his collar and jingled his tags. Oh Crap he picked up and dropped his bowl on the floor. So, stop. Go feed the dang dog in the other room. Rewind, re-record again for the 43 time.

Sounds pretty good!

Great we’ve finished the first paragraph.

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