First Hard Lesson Learned

Well, the first hard lesson of this adventure is behind me.

One of the female characters in the book has a beautiful, yet unusual name. I wrote to the author and asked her how to pronounce it. I ‘thought’ I had it.

Eighteen chapters into the story narrating it. I just kept having this nagging feeling that I wasn’t getting that name right.  I did four sound bites saying the name different ways.

Sure enough. The way I had been pronouncing it for Eighteen Chapters was WRONG> Ah laws a mercy.

Now, fixing that kind of mistake can be done without renarrating the entire work. However, each time you say someone’s name there is different kinds of inflections based on what is being said in the sentence.

Never the less. I really want the author to be happy with the work. Nothing is a bigger turn off than not saying a name right.  I hopefully won’t need to make this mistake again. So, here I go fixing my flub up.


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